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In researching this site, I have discovered many excellent books, magazine articles and other publications that have provided invaluable information on Canada's military history.  I am strongly against conducting research "on the web", and all of the facts, statistics, etc. that are listed on my page come from credible, printed sources. While there are a number of quality sites out there, an equal number of dubious pages also exist.  I am particularly appalled at how many people throw out a statement as "fact", and quote their source as "Wikipedia" or a similar reference.  My concern is the validity of a source that anyone can edit, add to and adjust without being held accountable.

The following publications (and video) have been a wonderful source for my researching of this site, and I recommend all of them to any person who really wishes to learn about, and appreciate, Canada's military history.

Books and Publications:

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Video References:

National Film Board of Canada, "The War of 1812",  Directed by Brian McKenna, DVD, 2006



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